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We're Out to Inspire a New Generation of Entrepreneurs to Transform How Business is Done.

What is Kite + Dart all about?


Over the last six years, The Kite + Dart Group has developed a breakthrough methodology that dramatically changes the way people relate to their business. By separating ourselves from the oppressive and manipulative practices of the past, we're bridging the gap between business development and personal growth. 

We're in the business of helping entrepreneurs live happier lives by teaching them a better way of doing business, one that replaces the old ways -- dominated by white supremacy, patriarchy, and transactionalism --  with something that feels authentic and true to them. It’s about empowering you to focus on the things you care about most, so you can succeed by doing things your way.


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Purveyors of 'What If?'

What if you only did the things you're passionate about and cut out the rest? What if your business changed people's lives? What if marketing and scaling and planning felt not just simple, but right? What if you could work when you want, on what you want, and watch your business thrive? 

We turn 'What Ifs' into 'Why Nots'. 

What if you joined us? 


Who is Kite + Dart for?


Easy answer: anyone who isn’t a rich white man who inherited a million-dollar business. 

The truth is, most business coaching is designed for people with the most privilege. But odds are, that isn’t you. That’s why our philosophy is designed to create access to entrepreneurship for people of all backgrounds, empowering them to achieve their goals. 

Meet The Team


Kayla Wright

Marketing Strategist

Nate Ishe Lappegaard

 Business Strategist

Zac Dunn

Lead Copywriter

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